Rifugio Val Formica

The heart of Val Formica: our Rifugio.

Each place has its own soul, and the soul of this valley surely lies in Rifugio Val Formica.

In a mountain lodge made of wood, fragrances and flavours, happiness and the pleasure of staying together are found.

An exclusive landscape for your most important moments

Rifugio Val Formica welcomes guests in a rustic but elegant atmosphere, where every detail reveals the history of the place and expresses love for nature.

With its stained glass windows through which the beautiful view on the valley can be admired, the elegant “Lerchen” dining room is the perfect space for ceremonies, celebrations and company dinners.

Everyone is welcome up here

Mountain has always meant hospitality and desire of staying together.

Everyone is welcome in Val Formica all year round: families, hikers and trekkers, skiers and outdoor lovers.

Sunshine, peace, but also walks, fun and joy

Val Formica is the heart of the high mountains on the Asiago Plateau, an irresistible destination for those who love woods, mountain pastures and peaks.

Roads, paths and mule tracks, built during the Great War, spread out from our lodge and lead to the most spectacular landscapes of the Plateau.

Numerous paths and tracks will lead you to the high pastures, “malghe” and peaks from which you can admire the Valsugana valley and the Brenta Dolomites.

Come and relax on our sunny terrace any day of the year.

There is also a play area surrounded by nature for our youngest guests.

The lodge is also equipped to accommodate guests with restricted mobility.

Everything tastes better in the mountains:


The genuine cuisine of Val Formica

The cuisine includes a variety of dishes, from simple but genuine meals to more sophisticated recipes.
Immerse yourself in the fragrance of the mountain while tasting fresh and seasonal food.

Moreover, Rifugio Val Formica offers a wide range of wines to best match each dish.

Rifugio Val Formica m 1.653
località Cima Larici
Altopiano di Asiago (VI)

cell. 342 5008535

Cima Larici srl
P. IVA 00212350243

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