There is a valley in the Asiago plateau where roe deers, groundhogs and all the animals of the wood live.


Val Formica is a magic place on the high mountains of Asiago plateau.

It has a curious name which comes from the presence of huge anthills spread around the woods of the valley, as described in Mario Rigoni Stern’s book “Stagioni”.“Passing by, herdsmen greeted him and he replied the greetings happily. He took the path that descended into Val Formica and he suddenly understood the reason of its name. It was obvious to think about it: in that wood there were a lot of anthills, as high as him, built with needle-shaped leaves of conifers.

We are at an altitude of 1700 meters in a place where nature reigns supreme and pastures are enclosed in the sky. A magic place to be lived in every season.

Val Formica is a haven of peace. It is only 15 minutes by car from Asiago city center and the road is entirely paved. An ample and comfortable car park is at guests’ disposal.

It’s easy to fall in love with such a valley surrounded by magnificent mountains such as Mount Portule, Mount Verena and Mount Larici. Even though the elevation is high and the position is isolate, Val Formica is an easy to live mountain with its gentle slopes and green pastures. Indulge yourself under the sun while listening to the cowbells and sound of groundhogs.

Rifugio Val Formica m 1.653
località Cima Larici
Altopiano di Asiago (VI)

cell. 342 5008535

Cima Larici srl
P. IVA 00212350243

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